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Video Cables
Cables and Adaptors

At PROmotivations we provide cables for all your projection and audio needs.
Right are a selection of our most popular cables.

If you can't find what you're looking for just give us a call.

1) Audio Cables

2) Video Cables

3) Computer Cables

4) Adaptors

Video Cables

Male to Male Phono Video Cables. Length - 2m to 25m.

Composite Cable 2m m-m
Composite Cable 3m m-m
Composite Cable 5m m-m
Composite Cable 10m m-m
Composite Cable 15m m-m
Composite Cable 20 m-m
Composite Cable 25m m-m

Male to Male S-Video Cables. Length - 2m to 25m.

S-Video Cable 2m m-m
S-Video Cable 3m m-m
S-Video Cable 5m m-m
S-Video Cable 10m m-m
S-Video Cable 15m m-m
S-Video Cable 20 m-m
S-Video Cable 25m m-m

A switchable (in/out) scart to triple phono connector (RCA) lead. Length - 2m to 10m.

    Scart to 3 RCA 2m  
Scart to 3 RCA 3m  
Scart to 3 RCA 5m  
Scart to 3 RCA 10m  

Female to female Barrel connectors for joining two phono leads

Barrel Connector n/a f-f

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